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I have been doing SEO before the fist penguin, all of my site and clients site have survived every google update. You want to know when I started okay 2007.

When article marketing was the way to build links and other SEO tatics were simple and straight forward.

If you want me to work with you and help you to build a digital empire, contact me today.




SEO Services


Hands off SEO campagin. get my dedicated SEO services with no obligation to remain, month-to-month basis.

Local Seo Services

Local SEO

Want to rank for local terms ? I have the skill sets to get your website ranking 1st page for all your city location’s.

Adword Services


 I have seen too many people loose money in adwords with consultants that dont know what they are doing.


I have a great team of content writers and social media mangers ready to make your social media efforst go viral.


one ON one


Coming Soon : I Only Take On a Select Number Of Students A Year

Want to learn just what it takes to become an SEO master and run your own SEO agency or digital online business.


South African born, but has a Brazilian flair to his ways.

Lived in the beautiful city Of Rio for 10 years, where he developed his skills in internet marketing and entrepreneurship, arriving back in South Africa in 2007, To the Mother City Cape Town .

Pierre is creative and strives for excellence. With over 10 years of SEO marketing and wordpress website development.
He keeps his team creative and sharp.

My take on SEO and runing a business, if you website is’nt on first page google you are not being seen and to put it simple you are letting your compertition take all the money.

Now when you started your business and the resaon you started was to make as much money as possible to be able to be able to keep your business runing and make it sucessfully right?.

Now I’m not sure if you are like me, but one of the most satifying part of runing my buisness and making it sucessful is to be able to see the people that work with me suceed in life. One of my customers that works with me has a mottot that -The most important asset to any business is its people. I trully belive in this and keep this in my mind with ever business descion I make.

I know that you are asking yourself do you really need SEO and cant you just do it by yourself. I am sure that you could spend the next six month consuming all the information you can find online and really understand SEO but what you need to know is SEO is very risky if you dont do it right just like you can achive amazing results you can also loose and really burn your digital presence. I mean you hire people that are qualified in thier field to operate your business why would you not hire the best in SEO to work with you to dominate the 1st pages of google. 

If you are looking for the cheapest SEO solution you are only going to hurt your online marketing efforts. This is the best type of marketing and investment that you can ever do for your business let alone the highest ROI in any marketing activity. Don’t look for the cheap solution – look for the company that fits and that will provide you with the best solution and services that money can buy.

I think you should contact me and let me help your company dominate the 1st Page.



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I’m Pierre Goldman I own A digital marketing Company and a few other websites.This blog is all about internet marketing and SEO. You will learn how to run a full time online business well lets get to it.

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