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This is one of the most overlooked upon aspects in the digital marketing, you wouldn’t got to war with out the best weapons and ammunition would you? So this is where I tell you what you need to improve on your website to increase your digital presence 10 fold.


Once that we have improved your website, now for the keyword research, this is where we find relevant keywords that are being searched by people on google and other search engines every day. We come up with a suggested list and you approve it for you know your business and industries ins and outs.



No That we have the list of keywords, we go back to the website audit and start to implement the last stage of this audit. On-page SEO, This is where we make sure that all the on-page aspects are perfect, so that when search engines come to your website it understands just what the page is about.


Now its time to add the fuel to your digital war weapon “LINKS” finding relevant powerful links to link back to your website will give the correct signals to the search engines to rank your website higher in the search engines.




I Only Take On a Select Number Of Clients A Year

Looking for the best targeted lead generation on the planet?


Of SEO the art of digital warfare

People over complicate SEO (Search Engine Optimization) they take the all the information they can find and implement it all at once, in the hope that they will rank their website on first page google. It’s time to make this process simple. We all know and by now understand that you need a plan to succeed in anything.
Well SEO is no different, but you need to make sure that you have a solid plan and a strong foundation right from the start or thing are just going to colapse further down the line. As you have seen that my process to search engine optimization is simple and yours should be too.

For a start is to prepare your weapon (your website) you need to have a website that is search engine friendly and that is ready to convert your visitors in to clients like crazy otherwise all you efforts and SEO advertising spend is going to be a waste, for this reason I start off with a website audit, now this audit isn’t just an Onpage audit.

It goes deeper than that, I even have a look and audit what you have had done or are doing to the off page efforts, like the links that have been building to your website.
Because if you have shocking work done and your website is ready to sink to the bottom of googles deepest pages. There is no point to start work on what really is going to get you ranked on 1st page google.

Once this audit is complete, we will then know just what needs to be fixed and/or removed. Now this can be all done in one day if there aren’t major issues that needs to be fixed. But the bottom line is that it needs to be done and needs to be done well.

Now when it comes to keyword research, there is no point on just throwing up some keywords that you think are relevant to your industry, there are many research tools that tells you just which one are going to be profitable to target. Sound easy since there are tools right, well these tools can only give you a broad over view of the keywords that would be worth targeting. Keyword research goes even dipper than that trust me. Getting the list is the easy part now you need to know just how to beat competition on page one. So part of the research is also to research and analise the competition, really get deep into what they are doing to deserve 1st page rankings and all the traffic that comes with it.

Now this is my favorite part of SEO opage SEO. many SEO consultants and SEO companies over look this step or actually have no idea how to get this right, some even say that there is no point to do this step.
One thing that I can tell you is with only good onpage SEO you can achieve 1st page rankings. I have done this even though I got told that only onpage wont do much to my clients ranking, when I took over their SEO and website from another company.
Not going to mention names nor say which client it is, but if you are them and reading this you know who you are.
This is probably the most technical part of SEO and the bottom line is that search engines want to get told what to see and if your On-page doesn’t show or tell them they are going to be lost or even confused. Don’t allow this to happen.

Since SEO started links have been the main thing to gain top rankings in the search engines. This is still true but many things have changed over the years, I am not going to tell you what has changed but I am going to tell you what is working now.

Relevancy that’s all it takes, make sure that you are getting links from authority that hasn’t changed but make sure that they are relevant to your industry and/or content of your site. The more the relevance the better.
Yes sometimes we cant always get links that are 100% relevant then go for authority only but never low quality shit.

If you would like to read up more on all of this you can have a look at my blog here.
Now I know and you know that you are a business owner and you don’t have the time to spend thousands of hours reading of how to rank your website, then when it comes to implementing all the strategies and tasks that will be needed to get your website to the top, you definitely don’t have the time or passion for digital marketing like the pros do.

Make the best decision leave it up to us. Because if you do something wrong it will cost you and you could even lose your website to a penalty that is impossible to recover.

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I Only Take On a Select Number Of Clients A Year

Looking for the best targeted lead generation on the planet?

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