So you have come up with a list of keywords, right !

Now to rank for these keywords might be a bit hard, as they are broad, we now are going to use a technique that we call long tail keywords, these are the targeted ones that, will bring those customers with their credit cards in their hands and ready to buy.

So Long Tail Keywords are a combination of words that has three or more words, creating a phrase to a specific topic.
Lets say that you choose SEO a keyword, now you need to make this keyword into a long tail, to do this you need to think of sentences that you can use your main keyword in. for Example, ” Ultimate Guide to SEO for Beginners”. this is more specific with interest and intent.

So this Long Tail Keyword could bring a visitor to your website with the intent on learning SEO for beginners, I hope we are on the same page as of now.
So if you are selling the Ultimate Guide to SEO for Beginners and Google has ranked you on page one, you have a great chance in getting targeted traffic to your website ready to buy, you no have to convert them into clients.

okay so we have that done, but now you are looking at your long list and think on my word I now have to come up with Long tail keywords for all of my pre-selected keywords. what work.
But don’t let this get to you, like I said in my last post I am going to show you some cool free tools to help you on your keyword research, lets get to click on Free Keyword Tools.


  1. Adriana

    Thank you for these tips! They are ease and friendly to use.

    • admin

      Hi Adriana.

      Grateful that you find the tips easy and user friendly.


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