Keywords an Essential Part Of A Web Page.


In the early days of search engines keywords were very important, you could Just Key in Some Keywords and you would have a huge chance in ranking your website.

Now days keywords are still an essential component, They are big indicators for on-page SEO as relevant indicators of what the web page is about.

However there are many elements to rank a web page over 200 of them to be exact, Keywords is the start. You can never, start a web page without a keyword, picture it like this the keyword is the topic.

With out a topic you don’t have content right?

Now there is the right way and the wrong way to do this, I’m going to go over very basically in this post what is the right and wrong way to do this .

So You have your website set up and now you need to add pages or posts to the website.

This is the wrong way to do it:
Once you have all the elements of your website set up, you go ahead and say you want to write about SEO.
So you go out and spend hours writing about SEO. You up load many pages or post to your website.Then you go and start to choose which keywords you think you should be include in the pages, So you go and choose the keyword SEO, only to find out that google doesn’t rank your site even close to the 1st page.
You start to wonder why, this leads you into asking the mighty google.

What did I do wrong, that my site isn’t ranking for the Keyword SEO.

you find out the hard way that the keyword is Broad and very competitive to rank for. So all those hours of writing and then finding out that its harder than you think have gone to waste.

Then you have the Right Way:

So as mentioned before you have set up you website and you have chosen to write about SEO. Remember !

Now what you have to actually do is, go to a very cool tool called google Keyword planner, This is going to help you to do the most important part of building a web page, Keyword research ( Keyword Planner is subject for another post) without this you are doomed.
So once you have done you keyword research, you can then start to write your content. Oh and this doesn’t mean that you are going to rank quickly and easily, its just the foundation to the start of a well oiled web page.

when you are writing your content please make sure that you keep to the keywords that you have chosen, cause google likes content that is relevant to the page. Make sure that you give your very best when you are writing and make sure that you give the most value possible to your readers, Happy readers keeps google happy.

Now that you know that you cant just start to write about a subject with out planning and doing keyword research. I think you should go a head and read my post on the basics of keyword research.




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