Google can send you some of the most valuable Targeted traffic when you do keyword research for seo.

Normally these are visitors that are looking for answers and have their credit cards in their hands ready to buy.
But if you are not getting them to your website you are leaving money on the table.

Not doing keyword research and not doing it properly

. You will miss out, on one of the best traffic sources around.

Knowing which keywords to target will make a huge difference, for your online efforts. And this is why as a digital marketer you need to be the best that you can at keywords research.

Low quality keywords will make you have low Roi and this can be deadly.

In this post I’m going to go over some of the crucial steps you need to perform to make your keywords of high quality and bring you in the most in Roi.

We will go over lots of information and will introduce to you long tail keywords, and just how they are valuable.

As Internet marketers we love free tools and they help us in many ways.

you will learn just how we use these tools.

In the beginning you might think that this is all gibberish. But I am here to help you understand and start on the right foot.

The beginning

So you need to think of a list of words that you think of when you or your clients use when talking about your industry.
Important to know that these words are not your keywords. We just need to make a list of words for now.

Now start to brainstorm and take note of all the words you can think of, make sure you save them on a document on your computer.
Once this is done…

This list will be of value to you but to search engines this is a vague list and not of search quality.
So what we need to do is to think out of the box.
Look at what you have and make another list combining the ones you have.

Now we are starting to do long tail keywords.
Once you have this we shall go to the next faze of our keyword research here I will explain, what is long tail keywords.
If you want to read more please check out my post on What is a long-tail keyword?


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