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  • Why you should show high-quality product images
  • How a discount sticker can drastically improve sales
  • And How to put it all together for huge conversion gains.
  • Testing first and second person copy in CTA’s

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Evoke emotion boost sales

I am sure you have heard people say they make a buyer’s decisions rationally, it has been proven time and time again that the human mind works and reacts on emotion. When you evoke emotion in you sales letter you can improve your conversion rate drastically.

Antonio Damasio is a Portuguese-American professor of neuroscience at the University of Southern California. He heads the brain and creativity institute, with several books under his belt, like Self Comes to Mind: Constructing the Conscious brain, exploring the relationship between the brain and consciousness his research has shown that decision making is played on emotions. With your sales pitch copy should come with emotion that will make your prospect buy without fail.

Many sales experts have broken this down into 6 types of emotions that make a sales decision in the human mind.

Starting with the number one emotion Greed.

1) Greedits mine all mine

Now just because they are buying on a greed emotion doesn’t mean that they are bad people. All it means that they are buying on the emotion and thinking, “if I get this now I am going to gain something from this purchase”.

So, when writing your sales copy have this in mind you can use the tactic that if you buy my product you are going to gain x from it. Use testimonials from customers that gained something from purchasing your product.

Now with greed as an emotion, the second emotion that comes hand in hand with it is fear!

2) Fear

Fear is one very powerful push and when you install fear in your prospect, showing them what they would be missing out on if they don’t buy your product this way you are creating a personal misfortune for them, you could ask them questions like How long can you … or what happens if you don’t buy x product.

3) Altruism

When selling to the emotion of look when you buy this product we are going to give the second one to a child in need in Africa Now what you WANT TO DO IS TRULY SET UP A CHARITY CAMPAIGN AND SEND IT TO AFRICA, If you want I can help you out in Africa since I am African South African to be exact. This makes people feel good about themselves and pushes them to buy for they feel that they are making a difference in someone’s life that is in need, feeling good makes emotional decisions easy.

We have taken it from greed, fear to altruism

Now we are going to use the emotion of envy.

4) Envy

selling on the envy emotion is one way to tell your prospect that if you don’t buy this product or services someone else will and you will lose out, this can be used very well in a B2B sale. Don’t buy this now your competition will and they will benefit from it and you will lose out. You can use the envy emotion on B2C customers too, like imagine you don’t get these pair of shoes and then your friend buys them before you.

With the envy emotion installed you can now move on to the pride emotion

5) Pride

Showing your prospect that just how proud some of your customers are with the product they purchased knocks a bit back on the envy. But then you can explain to them that they will have pride in wearing those shoes and you can tell them things like imagine going to a party and having the best shoes and dress there. Installing pride makes the emotional decision so much easier and many sales people miss this, it can be a very powerful emotion to play on.

Covering the pride, we move on to the shame.

6) Shame

This is a delicate way to sell, as you don’t want to offend anyone. But this could be the end of your sales pitch or sales copy, you can use words like. “It would be a mistake not to take this opportunity right now…” “You don’t want to disappoint yourself and be without it! now, do you?”

Reading all these emotions you are probably wondering okay but now how do I put this all together? Don’t worry you will find out just how to do that later. But for now, I need to talk to you about When and where to give more or less information on you landing page or sales copy.


How to set out your Landing Page


Now, this is a subject that can get me into some trouble with the sales copywriters. As I am a Seo marketer and I have done research on this to be able to give information that would most likely be accurate. In my findings, I found bigger sites like has suggested how to write a sales copy.

“There are 5 elements to this task and you need to tick all of the boxes”.

Element 1 – Make it clear whom your message is for.

Element 2 – Show them where their problem lies

Element 3 – Make them understand that what they are currently doing isn’t going to work or used to work

Element 4 – tell them your way of solving the problem and why it works.

Element 5 – let them know how they can get your solution.


let’s dig deeper in shall we?

dig deeper How to Improve your Sales Copy Webpage Conversion's

Element 1 – Make it clear whom your message is for.

This can be done with a unique title at the start of your sales copy page that will tell your audience just for whom this page is calling out to.

For example, if you are in the flower selling niche and you want to call out to people that are planning a wedding you could have a title like this

Planning a Wedding and Looking for Flowers?

We Have the Solution for You!

On this site, we have the best flower suppliers. We have made it easy for you to get your quote in 3 easy steps.

1, 2, 3.

Note: This is talking to people that are getting married and are looking for wedding Flowers and they want to get several quotes.

This is also the part that you can get them to take an action as this pitch should be above the fold. Then if they don’t act you have the rest of the page to sell to them.

Element 2 – Show them where their problem lies

This is where you need to dive deep and really get their attention.

You need to tell them that you understand the problem they are facing, I understand that people have several problems but you need to talk to them about the problem they are facing at the moment they have come across your site and the reason they have come to your sales page. This is the opportunity where you must really go deep and show them just how if they buy with you that they will solve the problem they have.

Element 3 – Make them understand that what they are currently doing isn’t going to work or it used to work

Since you have told them that you have the solution for the problem and why your solution will help them you are now going to tell them just why other solutions won’t solve the problem they have.

Using the flower example, you can tell them, that the old way of getting a quote is not working anymore for people don’t have time to search for all the flower suppliers in town and then contact them one by one. You need to show them that you are here to help them and that doing the old way will only waste time.

Really show that you are on their side and explain that the way they are currently going about solving the problem isn’t the best way and that your solution is the best way for them.

Element 4 – tell them your way of solving the problem and why it does work.

We have a bit of stuff to cover here so hang in there!

Now you have the opportunity to tell them how you came across your solution and why it works.

Back with the flower example:

You can tell them that when you were getting married you also needed flowers and just how long it took to get the contact details let alone having to contact each flower supplier one by one. So for that reason, you decided to help others that are facing the same problem with a solution.

Pointers to think about! That was very well put by Julie Boswell on the digital marketer blog now I am not going to quote her word for word but I will give some bullet point examples of what she wrote.


  1. Tell them that, just to go through all this would be a painful experience let alone cost money or time.
  2. Explain just how easy your solution is to use.
  3. Explain what their life would be like once they have used this.
  4. Let them know that to get the results they want is fast.
  5. Time to show the why they should listen to you. Show that you are the professional and you know what you are talking about.
  6. Explain how their life will benefit and what will be better once they have used your product or service.
  7. Now you have gone through all of this it’s time to show them the social proof of real people that have benefited from your service or product


You must be thinking wow that’s a lot! And it sure is but in element 4 you need to tell the story, you need to explain in as much detail just how you solved this issue and what cost you to do so, example if it was time or money.

This is the part that you explain how you solved the problem and why they will benefit from getting their hands on your product/services.

Make sure to tell them where you came from. Make it like a proud father bragging of his children. This will help them to believe that you aren’t Joe from around the corner try to sell them the next best thing that what you are selling is the best item and it works.

Element 5 – let them know just how they can get your solution.

So, they have listened to you all this way and now you need to tell them what is the cost and how they are going to get their hands on your product/service.

One thing that you can’t do is choke once you tell them the price, that would be like a poor salesman doing his pitch and nothing to back up why the price is XYZ. Look to always tell the truth this way you have powerful reasoning.

Tell them why you chose your price. Show them that your price and offering is better than the competition making it worth the money they are going to spend with you.

Now that you know just how to sell to your prospects in words. I am going to give you some amazing design tips and how to use images the right way. Then show you just how to put it all together.


Why you should show high-quality product images

high quality vs low quality

Okay, I understand you are thinking but this is almost impossible because a website needs to have speed and the higher the image quality the longer it’s going to take to load.

This is true but with all the technology today we can meet these requirements.

You just must find the right way to doing this.

This a led me to the thought of doing a post on this subject (How to make your site load fast even with high-resolution images) coming soon I promise, but for now, this part of the post is


Why you should have high-quality images so back to that.


When a person goes to the store the look of the product makes him want to maybe pick it up or even buy it, the same applies to people buying online the difference is that they can’t touch the product.

So, with an image that is of quality, you can create a picture in their minds as to what the product looks like, as they say, pictures talk louder than words.

For example, if you are selling a jacket you could show an image of the jacket without a model wearing it and then in another image you can have the same jacket being worn by a model, the first image will show just what the jacket looks like and the second image will show what it looks like being worn by a person.

What this does in our minds is we can see the product and then we can see what it would look like on a person giving a clear picture in your prospect’s mind filling in the gap/questions that people might think of for example people might need to see the details of the jacket and having some high-resolution images of the jacket can show off those details, with the jacket being worn by a model it will give your prospect an idea of what it would look like when being worn and answer questions like is it a long jacket? Are the sleeves short or long? Is it a tight fit or loose fit?

Now that you have made it clear of what the product looks like you have a bigger chance to get them to buy from you. When you think of images you must think that these images that are going to represent my brand and a poor image means a poor brand, having amazing looking images is defiantly going to boost sales and make people feel comfortable that they are buying from an amazing brand. Show quality on your site as your site is your calling card. Think of it like this if you have a poor looking business card do you think that when you give out that card people are going to trust you! I sure wouldn’t. It’s your calling card and you must impress. Make the effort to take amazing pictures and edit them professionally if you don’t have that skill hire someone to do it for you cause in the long run it will pay off.


How a discount sticker can drastically improve sales


Since I have mentioned quality images, I can’t leave this one out, studies have shown that using a discount stick can increase your conversion rate 10-fold. You most probably have seen these stickers all over the place even in your local supermarket and other offline stores.

When a product gets marked down the store will slap a discount sticker everyone loves a discount it makes people think they are winning and the store is losing out I look at it as if it’s a mental competitor people like to have knowing or thinking that they are winning makes the decision to buy faster.

There was a great case study where a wine e-commerce site increased their sales by 143% just because they add a 15% discount sticker.

The wine e-commerce store had set a discount for one of their wines but sales weren’t that great, why?

Even though the price has been discounted people’s attention span online is getting less and less which mean we have a much faster-paced life. People are only looking that the end price which meant that the discounted price was being missed. By adding the discounted sticker on the same page and same priced bottle of wine they were able to grab the attention of the customer, what is the sticker used for? If you guessed to get the attention you are right, the attention garbing sicker could do wonders.

Unfortunately, this case study has been deleted from the site if you have a similar case study let me know and I will feature your study on this article. Or even try it yourself add a discount sticker on a popular already discounted product and let us know what happened.


How to put it all together for huge conversion gains.


I have created an infographic on the what I have spoken about to show you just how to put all of this together.

So that you can see what it all should look like to…

landing page infographic

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Evoke emotion boost sales.

How to set out your sales copy page

Why you should show high-quality product images

How a discount sticker can drastically improve sales

So now you have created the perfect sales page/Landing page now what??

You need to send traffic to that page and then you need sales funnel so that you can funnel your traffic and create a list of happy buyers in the process. I am sorry to say that you are going to have to wait for my next post on a sales funnel and the other about just how to drive traffic to your sales page. If you enjoyed this post please leave a comment below and like us on Facebook to connect on a more personal level.

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