WordPress is a weird and wonderful platform, many things can be done and only the sky is the limit, but you need to know what you are doing.

In this post I am going to teach you how setting up wordpress is quick to set it all up and get you site up and running in no time. I am suspecting you have a domain name and a hosting plan already, if not you can get your domain name and hosting via this link.



One thing to know that most of the hosting companies give you a free domain name with a hosting package, I always seem to forget this when I get a new hosting plan and loose out on this deal, oh well now on is perfect I suppose.

okay so back to wordpress, you have your domain and you have your hosting, now what you are going to want to do is to connect your domain name to your hosting via dns ( domain name server) if you buy the domain name and hosting from the same company this comes as default.

Once this is done you can then use a great software called Fantasico or Softolicious, what they do is they install the wordpress script for you, however you can do this manually, but only if you know what you are doing and have the time and patience to do it.

for this post we are going to use a script installer.

So you are going to have to login into your hosting back-end, I like to use hostings that have Cpanel.

Once you have logged in you should find the script installers at the bottom of the page, look for WordPress.
Click on it and it should tale you to a screen like this.

wordpress cpanel


Click on the link and you should see a page like this


Choose wordpress


Click on the big Blue “W”, you are then going to a page like this.

install wordpress



Now, what I like to do is to install the script on the main directory of the domain, so make sure this is Blank.
wordpress domain

You can change the site settings to what ever your website or blog is about, this you can change latter in wordpress if you wish.
some people like to use a generic password, for most of their internet accounts, with a wordpress site this isn’t advised and you should generate a password, makes your life a little more difficult but this is going to help you to not have you site hacked.

select domain wordpress


Okay no now that you have done all of this you can hit install, oohhh wait a bit don’t for get to enter your email where you want these details to be sent, the software installer will take over and install wordpress on your domain.


enter email wordpress


Once this is done give it a minute or two, and you should have wordpress set up.


Now you are going to want to add all the bells and whistles to your website and to do this you are going to have to click on the link that wordpress has given you. That should look something like this http://my-domain.com/wp-admin.
click on it and wordpress will ask you to login, enter your login details and you should be inside the wordpress script on your domain.

want to find out more about the basics of wordpress flow this link. Basics of WordPress.


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