In Internet marketing there are so many tools that are great some keywords tools that are paid and some free keyword tools.

In this post I am only going to chat about two of them and they are free to use, making them perfect for the beginner.

I would like to introduce you to the first one Ubbersuggest, this great tool is going to help you to find some great Long Tail Keywords

and best of all it will give you a list of what people are searching for, instead of trying to guess, why not ask Ubersuggest and get a head start.

What you are going to do you are going to go to the website and for each keyword that you have you are going to copy and paste it into the tool, click on the suggest button and the tool will, then Ubbersuggest goes out and find the phrases for you, no all you have to is copy and paste what they have suggested into your document that i suggested that you create in my other post keyword-research-for-seo

Once you have that list, you now need to find out just how may searches does each Long Tail Keyword gets. but before you do so you need to look at the list and eliminate ones that you feel are not relevant to your website post. this will trim the list down a bit and make things more stream line for you.

Now we get to the interesting part of the keyword research. to find out all this data , you can use google Keyword Planner, what you are going to do is you are going to take that huge list of long tail keywords, and you are going to paste it into the google keyword Planner tool and hit enter.

Then Allow google to go out and find you all the juicy data, that you are going to use to determine just which keywords are worth targeting, Now when you go to the planner you will see that it is a tool for PPC ( pay per click) don’t worry about this cause you can still use it for some great data like Average search volume. Google also goes out and sends you back suggestions too.

Quick guide on how to use the google Planner tool.

1. I like to select the second option: ”Get search volume for a list of
keywords or group them into ad groups.” this helps a lot when you are needing to group your keywords.

2. Now we are going to Copy and paste your list of Long Tail keywords into the first box. If you have a huge list and you have created a CVS file you can use the upload feature. Hit the Get Search Volume button and let google do the magic.

3. We are going to use the tab keyword ideas at the top of the page . Where you will see a big list of Keywords.
showing you the average monthly searches, competition, suggested PPC bid, and ad impression share. Now you have a huge list and you are think what a lot of work, well don’t we are only going to choose the best ones.
To do this you are going to click on the Avg.Monthly so that you can sort if from highest to smallest in value, then you are going to take the keywords with the highest search volume and lowest competition, Doing this will help you when it comes to ranking on First page google.

If you see that the competition is high for the keywords, then go and sort by competition from lowest to Highest.
Now you should be able to get long tail keywords with high search volume and low competition.
I suggest that from here you take those keywords and do the process all over again. this will allow you to dig even deeper and give you even more specific keywords.


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