Ever wondered what it entails to have your own product.

To start off you first have to brainstorm an idea. Without an Idea you are going to get stuck. however lots of people have an I deal and then jump the gun and start to create with out doing the first research steps, just like keyword research you have to figure out if people want what you have to sell.

Now to do this you can use a few different ways to get the intel that you are going to need.

The way I do it, depends if the product is going to be online or offline.

But since we are here to talk about online products we are going to stick to online.

Product research for an online product.

You can start off with a google search, so lets say that you are going to want to create a software.

You can use the mighty google and see what your competition is doing cause the rule is if you have thought of it someone else has already thought or built it.

Once you have seen what your competition is doing and you have a clear idea of what is out there.

A suggestion that I would do is go to your favourite keyword research tool and see just how many search the idea gets.

Cause it is quite pointless that you spend money on something that people aren’t looking for.

So now that you have some data on what the compression is doing nd how may searches the idea gets, you can then decide if you are going to go down that road. I know that we are most of the time adamant that people are going to buy our product and that we are going to succeed .

but sometimes you might just have to bite your tongue and just look for something else.

but for this post we are going to make as if the idea is an awesome one.


Not to plan is a plan to fail

So we have seen that the idea could work.

Its time to make a plan. yes you have it a business plan.

A business plan is the best way to keep you on track with your objectives and goals.

I have in the past just rattled off with no plan and this has just resulted in failure.

So make sure you write a detailed business plan so that you have a sort of road map. Now remember that a business plan isn’t set in stone and it changes as you go along, its there to make sure you stick to a schedule and you are able to monitor your progress. Now remember that a business plan isn’t a marketing plan nor a product creation plan.


Product Creation Plan

Okay so the research and the business plan is done and now we need to plan some more.

you need to have a detailed product creation plan, much like a business plan.

But this time you are going to have to make sure that each and every detail of your product is in this plan.

This will help you to go from start to Finish with your.

In this you should be able to visualise your product, being so detailed that if you hire someone to create it he or she can also visualise the product, making it easy to create. Minimising speed bumps along the way.

These should be the first steps you should take to start the creation of your product.

hope this helps to understand the first steps you should take.


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