So you might not know it but we all use keywords at some time or another In life, if we are searching something on a search engine or if we are optimizing our websites.
How I like to see it is that every web page should start out as a keyword, to figure the right one, is a process that all digital marketers should know how to do.
keyword research not only helps you to know what are the best keywords to use,

but also which keywords will send your website the most traffic if you rank for your chosen keywords.
But before you can go and just use any keyword you have to understand the process to getting the best keywords for your website.

you can start buy looking at what your intent is to do with your website?

are you selling a product or are you wanting your readers to find the best content for their searches.
You can ask yourself some easy questions like:

when people are searching for a specific topic and they come to my site are they going to find the information on my site relevant to what they are searching for?

what is the goal of sending this type of person to my pages, is it financial value or great content?

Once you have been able to answer yes to the questions above you, now need to know who is ranking for these search terms (keywords).
You Need to understand your competition, so that you know exactly how hard this search term is going to be to rank.

So You went with a two phrase keyword( two words) and you can see that it is going to be very difficult to rank for this keyword. Now what do you do?
Do not worry, there is a great solution to your problem, Long tail Keywords, this is going to be search terms that have more than three words, these are more specific and are a bit header to find but when you come across some golden ones you have a better chance in ranking for the top position on google.

The great thing about Long tail keywords is that you have the ability to get specific search terms, theses are often, what we call buying keywords, where the person has made up their mind in what they want and if you are selling a product on your website and your site might just have the right juice to convert them in to buying a product from you or becoming a loyal follower to your blog or website you can say that you have done a great job.

Now that you know the basics of keyword research it time to know which tools can help you figure out all this data that you are looking for in your keywords, like how many searches does my keyword get per month?
Or just how difficult will it be to rank on my search terms?

The main tool that most digital marketers us is the google keyword planner, with this tool you can find out, just how many searches the search term gets.
So you just have to punch in you keyword and the tool will bring you back valuable data like search volume per month, what is the PPC (pay per click) price for that keyword and how difficult will it be to rank for the PPC competition.
Even though this is all about googles paid searchers and SEO is organic search terms you can start to use this to figure out a lot.

To Find Out Just how to Use the google tool you can see the Official video from google.


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