How To Add A WordPress Page to Your Website


Okay I know the most simple thing is Adding A WordPress Page to Your Website. But this is for the guy or gal that has never seen WordPress and needs just a little push in the right direction.

Once you have login to WordPress. It should normally start on the dashboard page.

using your mouse hover over the word PAGES on the left and then a submenu with all pages and add new page will appear click on the add new page.Something like this image below.

Wordpress Dashboard

The you will be take to another page that is quite like a word program. There you can add the title and the content of your new wordpress page.

See image Below.

new page wordpress


Some things to remember…

  • Always do Keyword Research¬†
  • Always add Unique Content
  • Make Sure that you write at least 300 words +
  • Most of all have fun writing.

While you are adding your content WordPress does wonders and saves what you are writing n auto pilot. well most of the time.
Always remember to save what you are writing. the ways you can save your new page are as follows .

  • You Can save as a draft, then easily come back to the page and continue to write or edit as you see fit.
  • Once you have finished you can publish the page and make it go live on your website.
  • You can even set a time and date that you would like WordPress to publish your page.

Other features that the theme that you have choose combines with wordpress is the template you want wordpress to use . Wordpess uses the default template buy default, (funny way to put that.) What this does is basically with most themes it allows you can choose full page layout, default layout or contact page layout. Some premium themes have other great layouts that you can use.

Well guys i hope you enjoyed this post and that you come back to my blog to see new post regularly .

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