Starting Your Own Digital Marketing Agency

Many years ago, stuck in a job I hated every second of, I knew I needed to make a change. I decided to
follow my dreams and start my own Digital Marketing Agency in Cape Town. I did some serious
research and came up with these five steps you need to follow when starting your own company:

Establish your Niche
First, consider what you’re passionate about. For me, it was always marketing! You will need to do
some research on what’s popular locally and find out what is currently offered. If the niche you’re
considering is already being provided, it doesn’t suggest you can’t do it too. Find a way to stand out
and offer something unique!

Create A Plan of Action
Once you’ve determined your niche, it is crucial to create a plan. Figure out where you will be looking
for clients. This will help you with goal setting as well as identifying your target market. Strive to
increase your knowledge of the industry as much as possible. The greater your knowledge in your
field, the more opportunities present themselves that can be used to grow your client base.

Business Certification
Before you go all out, get hold of your local business organisation to find out about what type of
licensing and insurance protection you might need to run your company. Certain countries require
completion of a training program to become a local digital marketing agency.

Marketing and Advertising

Nowadays it isn’t enough to print and distribute a few brochures. Potential clients are searching for
information on the web. Creating a website is crucial to present your business details, services,
reviews, and contact information; however, that isn’t the only place people are trying to find more info.
Having a presence on the key social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest
is vital. These sites are designed and optimised for creating interactions while being shared with old
and new followers.

Blogging and SEO
Generate some blog articles relating to your services along with what makes you passionate about
sharing it with your clients. Incorporate intriguing and unusual facts and details about the industry.
Clients appreciate these extra bits of info since it makes them feel more comfortable with the service

provider. The reason behind search engine’s algorithms is to organise the billions of articles available
online and to present you with what you are searching for. Even though the strategies behind Search
Engine Optimization (SEO) change regularly, the core idea behind the SEO of your site’s content and
tour descriptions stays the same.

An added benefit to starting a digital marketing agency is minimal start up costs resulting in the ability
to expand as your client base develops.

Starting a digital marketing agency could be your dream career. To succeed requires efficient
planning, researching, networking, and dedication. Keep in mind you can start small, have a fabulous
time, and grow as you and your business are ready.

It’s true what they say, “If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.”

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